“…AARELL’s fees were very reasonable, for the depth of the services provided…”

Home Owner – LAR

“AARELL’s designs for my home, got through the Approvals Process, with a minimum of questions being asked”

Home Owner – AR

“AARELL kept the Contractor in line, ….negotiated monthly valuations with the Contractor, so that at not time was over or underpaid.”

Home Owner – SG

“…..AARELL made sure that a comprehensive set of documents were provided to the Contractors for their quotations, so that he couldn’t claim that items had not been allowed for in his price.”

Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive, high-tech, high-quality, affordable solution to prospective Clients both locally and abroad.


AARELL Project Managers Ltd offers coordinated Architectural, Structural and Services designs of commercial and residential projects

Structural Damage Support

Structural problems? Our engineers can offer a professional assessment presenting tried and tested solutions to address your particular issue.

Working Project Smart

Our construction design and project management teams provide cost effective and structurally sound designs to suit the humblest of project budgets.

Schedule a Consultation

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Pre-Construction Planning Simplified

AARELL PROJECTS MANAGERS know how to listen carefully to their clients thereby gaining the insight needed to create the custom tailored design that will best suit their dreams, their tastes, their lifestyles, and their budget.